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    RE: Oomi CRM with CMS

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    Hi Milly I have no experience of Oomi but in my previous role we used civiCRM, which is open source (free) and can be used with Drupal or Wordpress as a CMS. We had 11,000 members and 70,000 contacts. It has built in email ...

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    Hi everyone, I know that standard transactional emails include payment confirmations, renewal reminders, and so on. However, what about sharing the Business Plan or updates to membership policies? Does information like that ...

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    Hi Anthony I can see why that is contentious! I have been there and it can stir up a bit of a wasps nest if not done right. I would only ever really advise organisations to be prescriptive with titles if there ...

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    Hi Emma Julian has covered the main areas. For some of my events we track member vs non-member engagement. So like Julian has put, numbers registered, numbers attended, From this data we also look at location (Which country ...

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    Hi Madeleine A great question. Having authored my own courses and qualifications over the years I know it is essential to have two types of proofing. Subject matter experts - to check the content is accurate External proof ...


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